Nov 12, 2009


Our social and political environment has eminently been polluted to an extreme baffling friend and foe alike. We are not oblivious to circumstances leading to this infamy but we have chosen to proverbially bury our heads in the sand. Our society is on the verge of maladjustment if the social confusion and political roughshod that we are experiencing today is anything to go by. All this is happening in our full conscious under the auspices of our so called forth estate which is literally spitting on our beautiful innocent faces.

It is unbelievable how our agenda setting third eyed boys and girls in the media blissfully make vice fashionable in the name of transforming society from conservatism to dynamic conventionalism. May be this is democracy the contemporary way but I always have a feeling that their interest is extremely far fetched. You will agree with me that whatever comes out of the media makes a difference between a morally upright society and a society in anarchy.

The public mind is yours for taking if you can convince it that what you do is for its interest. However most often what the public experiences is confusion groomed by its ill fated cliché, public interest. Think of a society like Kenya that has been a powder keg of ethnic mistrust, betrayal and imbalance. The political environment is always electrical thanks to the media. Deadly tribal politics have immensely been made popular and inevitable. The media generated ethnic mistrust and stereotypes that people so innocently pander have more than once come back to haunt the innocent and are now at the pick.

I am not completely disregarding the role of the media. There are a number of good things that journalism has accomplished in society. That is why I took a career in Journalism which I am so passionate about. However I am being perturbed by the arrogance accompanied by this career.

I have had many people blatantly referring to newspapers in mediocrity. Electronic media has been blamed as the source of all evil and cultural confusion that is rendering society into disaster. I am not privy to the fact that journalism is no longer about empowering people but it is increasingly becoming a tool for acquiring political power and profit boom power for a few affluent individuals. Media has become a hard nut to crack with no brave person willing to give it a check. This ideally confirms the fears of our scholars a few decades ago who felt that power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I do not have political hair on my chest but I can comfortably say that there is a disgraced symbiotic relationship between the media and politicians. One wonders when all the crap and dramatized hate comments and speeches from politicos became of public interest. It is amazing how the media glorifies affluent men and women who are hell bent and so smitten to consign limbo this society.

The most disgusting thing is how the media bedevils and forcefully facilitates their well master-minded political bigotry down the throats of people. Ironically, with eyes closed they hurl blame to politicians only when their roughshod turns horrible to society effectively locking the stable after the horses have bolted.

Listening to radio has turned sour. Particularly the domineering frequency modulation radio stations that now epitomize a society in the wildness. Discussions in the so called breakfast shows and assorts are literally effing and blinding. It is here that the abstract monster called public interest comes hurtling down like the meteor that consigned the dinosaur family extinct sixty four million years ago. They don’t give people much option but just to have them listen to their dogma only to assert later that it is exactly what people want. Their abstract public interest evangelism has indoctrinated many myopic young fanatics and it is greatly gained momentum.

Remember it is darkest before it is completely dark. We forthwith need to diffuse a time ticking bomb in our presence and save our society from anarchy by throwing sense into the bargain. Together we should make this society Incorruptible by shooting from the hip rather than serving from the lip. People should take control of their destiny away from the capitalistic media. If we choose to feed society with good morals, we should take control away from the media now. Any further delay is practically postponing the day of reckoning as we have done in the past, making it potentially much more destructive. Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for but something to work for.

By Duke Mwancha.

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