Nov 12, 2009


You cannot see it when it is dwelling with you; this is an old cliche which cannot validate the inability of me not being able to understand what is within us. Being a man is not so much different from being a woman and being a woman is not so much the same as being a man. Some will say that men are from Mars and women from Venus but I would say women are men from there and men are women from nowhere. The difference is the same yet so different. Beyond this, I do not know much about women much as I know much about men!

Hail to our fathers of the world, the men who discovered this and that; no need to recapitulate their well incubated names and their well archived histories and good reputations. They literally impregnated the world with their theories and discoveries of hope; after all they were not women but men. It did not take long before the heavy world gave birth to the autocrats of the 19th century, tyrants of the 20th century and the buffoons of the 21st century who were and are all men.

Man made religion; man disintegrated religion and manned it with the many menaced men headed patriarchies. Men colonized and enslaved. They became chauvinists and sexists, the reason why women are on the gender agenda demanding gender equality from the endangered gender—that’s right, endangered gender!

Men dominate the world, society, politics, families, their wives and even themselves. Ooh! Sorry, I am being unjust; it is not men who rule the world, it is not men who instigate nuclear, racial and tribal wars. It is not men pirating at the high waters of Somalia. Men were not involved in the Darfur crisis neither did they fight during the post election violence in Kenya. The Mungiki, Chinkororo, Amachuma, SLDF and the Kayabombo are not men. The Al-Qaida, Taliban, Al-shabaab and LRA are not men either-I got it all wrong.

In Kenya men are fairly scarily; they will steal and kill but then dare squarely share forty slots at equal shares for tea. Men will sell the same piece of land to five different people and disappear with money to live them fight. Men will kill their sons and fathers for land. They will exhume the rested in peace for land. Like England and Greenland, Kenya should adopt uniqueness and be called “Landmongerland,” a just government of men like it is insinuated in parliament.

In Kenya, men will marry, merit merry but then re-marry only to end marriage and marry again. Lucky will be a woman with one man who is man enough to be her man. Unfaithful married men hunting outside marriage for the unmarried are all men. Old men deceiving little ones for sex are men. Men proposing to fellow men for marriage are also men. Men who rape their wives, their grannies and infants are all men.

Bar rooms are full of men. You will find them there discussing absolutely nothing important but squandering money later to carry the mess home to their women they call honey. Men of today will deliberately cause oil tankers and beer trailers to overturn for free harvest of oil and beer. Men will do this and that and much more little queer things not good for pen and paper. This makes me wonder, who bewitched our men!!

By Duke Mwancha.

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