Jan 25, 2015

Shikley ML - Its what she is!

Young smart she be, unassuming demure mellow she,
Amazing smile she’s got, makes everything seem alright,
From the moon life she views, bright and slow comes as she,
Collected calmly as cool, abiding in her is alright.

How I wish I could let mama know, what a beloved she bore,
Even though I'm a little slow, to her damsel I bow.
For honesty she exudes, down to her hips,
You see what you hear, right from her lips.
A pretty Sheeky she, 'hang in there' she ought,
Listen to witty she, a mare hot she is not,
A year you know some, you don’t see what they be,
A week you know Shee, a sweet rock and roller she be.


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