Mar 18, 2011

Kalonzo’s Hobble Misnomer-ncy

So Kalonzo Musyoka, the occupant of the Vice President’s office in Kenya, is again out and about trying to sweet-talk everyone into ceding to ‘Kenya’s’ wish to prosecute its own on its soil. He’s on this special mission-shuttle diplomacy to some but hobble misnomerncy to many-on behalf of Mwai Kibaki, the President of Kenya, and a section of his juniors who apparently may include those he wants to be prosecuted on Kenyan soil.

It’s a noble duty to, once in a while, go greet and pass regards to far-flung friends, especially those you have not seen for a long time. There’s no problem with that. That’s what Kalonzo is doing-greeting friends, donors. However, problems arise when you use a lot of money, let’s say sh65million, to do that job at a time Turkana people are only dreaming of food and filling their stomachs with air. Worse still, if those greetings are coated with requests and demands to support a particular futile course, then trouble arises.

One major problem with this undertaking is the person doing it. If it was someone else, Kenyans would have had no qualms putting their money on such requests but everyone knows who Kalonzo, also Stephen in other arenas mostly spiritual, is. Not so long ago he was the top indecisive person in Kenya. His explosive fence-sitting, which has since cast him as one of the most miserable leaders when it comes to making up minds on a particular issue, is what make many Kenyans lose faith in this mission. What if he gives varying opinions, or fails to make up his mind on any, what would happen? Will he smile, grin or get angry, disappointed? Pick your card there, don’t wait for him, please.

Kalonzo is proving to be a real puppet whose invisible director has all the say, leaving it without any input whatsoever in determining its course of action. The VP has given a deaf ear to many minds and schools of thought including from his initially thought of trusted colleague, Mutula Kilonzo, the Kenya’s Justice Minister who has spoken candidly against his boss’s hobbling from one country to another. 
Another noisemaker, lawyer James Orengo has given his ideas too but Kalonzo seems not to have an ear for him either; of course he should not have any for Orengo, who could be covertly acting for a different force with vested interests in the matter-PM Raila Odinga, but for honesty sake Mutula is not a stooge for anyone as far as Info’ e-njection is concerned, so if Kalonzo cannot listen to him then we can conclude that he’s more than possessed with his shuttling diplomacy, hobbling discrepancy.

It’s a move in futility. One, because it’s being advanced on a wrong footing. The government seems to be divided on the move. One side, with different interests, and which likes to play to the gallery-ODM-and eager to prove a point on its rebels, most in the Ocampo Six, would not mind the hauling of enemies to a far country away from them and therefore would support any move which seeks to achieve such and reject in equal measure moves aimed at stopping such hauling.

The other side, keen on retaining power despite raging opposition, is powering on with its single-handed agenda which is believably bigger than a mountain to accomplish. Second is the amount of money being used in this mission. Sh65million is no little money. You know it can buy 812,500 two-kilogram packets of Jogoo (local flour). Third is waste of time. Fourth is...! There are many reasons why this exercise is not really worth anyone’s salt. So unless there are unexplained reasons for doing it at such a cost, then Kalonzo should please come back home, we need him. Or, don’t we?

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