Jan 28, 2011

How powerful could he be?


How much power can one man really hold to himself? In the Kenyan political sphere, one man is ostensibly all powerful. His presumed power baffles friend and foe alike.

So powerful is this chap that my insecure old man had to be sworn-in at night hurriedly to effectively bar him from occupying the house on the hill.

With his humongous fan base, some politicians have had their taste of hard times in public life. Nod to him and you have a career to keep if you happen to come from his political backyard.

It took a miracle for some groups to vote for the new constitution which they strongly believed was his document.

Recently the Ocampo six found an easy scapegoat in him. They say the mention of their names as PEV suspects by ICC was his well crafted plan to fix them and lock them out of the much awaited 2012 elections.

The likes of Wamalwa blame this man for their inclusion in the US ambassador’s list of drag barons. To them, he is a crafty old devil made insecure by youthful leaders.

This chap is so powerful that he unceremoniously terminated my friend’s punch pulling bliss columns at a local newspaper. My friend Mutahi has since reduced himself to tearing apart his political character wherever he finds opportunity to play to the gallery.

With the manner in which the guy is being blamed for anything, I will not be surprised if some people claim his responsibility to the ongoing droughts.

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