Aug 28, 2011

The generation factor

Guys born in the 50’s and 60’s must have been boom babies, a generation of our fathers who had twelve siblings or thereabouts all from one mother. Unlike their folks, many boom babies opted to beget only up to five or six; forget about the mad ones who went beyond six.

Even though raised in tough colonial times, boom babies are the most brilliant breed of a generation as prevalent in society today. Some of them though turned themselves into educated idiots who came back from the likes of India with nothing more than what they took there.

Interestingly, we are sons and daughters of boom babies. I am told they call us generation Y, guys born after 1975 and before 1986. Our collective IQ is deeply rooted in the 8.4.4 system of education.

The 70’s and 80’s were dead years technologically across the world but full of political drama, perhaps the reason Y bears marks of rampant street activism. You don’t need a mention of recent UK riots to dig this.  

We certainly had it easier than boom babies but 8.4.4 really never stopped whipping our damn asses only to cool us down with maziwa ya Nyayo.  

Generation X or dot com as double villagers will loosely refer to them is a generation raised on a silver platter. These kids grew on bread smeared with butter and rode on buses to their private schools.

Substance has however remained insignificant to the spoiled brats; after all they are the cut and paste wizards with extra ordinary affinity for quick success.

From play stations to ipods and iphones, their sense of entertainment cannot be over-emphasized and social media has been a talisman of sorts to X. With 'face-tweet' and You-Tube on the bargain, Y stands no chance against X in the 21st century, let alone boom babies with their tantrums.

That my friend is the end of this lesson. Now answer the following question;

Which generation does/did your grandmother belong to?


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