Nov 17, 2010

She, I & Her

She looks young and smart, but she is bigger than herself,
She has an amazing smile, which makes everything seem alright,
She sees life from a bright side, and brighter she makes it herself,
She brings comfort to life, abiding in her any time is alright.

Her Latin name is Abril, like a flower symbolizing beauty and love,
She is generous and sincere like basil the herb, folks call her Xabbz,
Her charismatic and persuasive personality, inspires responsibility,
She often inspires tenderness in her shrewd, even when she ‘shrubs’.

I wait for a moment, to let know her mama what a daughter she’s got,
I wait for that momentous day, to let know ‘him’ that she’s all he’s got,
I wonder if she knows! Finding a friend in her means blessings in life,
I let know the world that she is in it to live, for she is so full of life.

She tells me I have a great future that I should hold on in there,
I say she has a greater future, and she should hang on in there,
She says that despite all, sad moments she will never forget,
I say that despite all, happy moments I will dare not forget.

-By Kosprin-

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