Jul 26, 2011

We need more sustainable ways of curbing hunger

Kenyans continue to experience food shortage and skyrocketing food prices. Learning at schools has already been adversely affected with the government being forced to supplement food budgets. Even regions traditionally known for food sufficiency like Central Kenya are facing hunger this time.

This is not going to be easy since the national strategic reserves are reportedly below capacity. While the expected harvests may mitigate the current hunger, they will surely not guarantee our food security next year. It therefore can’t be said enough that we need to employ more sustainable ways of curbing hunger now.

Our food situation will not change if we keep relying on harvests from our small scale farmers. Importing maize is not sustainable either. Government officials and scholars have made numerous trips to food secure nations like Israel. They surely must have learned enough lessons to apply here at home.

Instead of waiting for another famine next year, the government needs to invest in large scale farming projects across the country. This will not only guarantee our food security but also provide jobs for the youth. At a time like this, early campaigns for 2012 elections are unpalatable. Politicians should rather engage themselves in campaigns to save Kenyans from another famine next year.


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