Jul 26, 2011

Nothing is worth trying not-e

No phrase gives me self assurance like ‘why not’. Unlike the word yes which I often use when I ought not to, why not is the most genuine thing that will ever come out of me. I‘ve never thought of any better way to use it than quietly. And when loudly used, it often turns out to be that yes for an ear.

Evidently herein, I wasn’t born to write. I try to put some words together nevertheless. Why not, my best buddy has got my back.
How could I have made it past elementary if why not wasn’t so true to me. Of course its school we’re talking about, approved for that matter. From an approved case to improved as I may have become, it goes without saying that why not is worth her weight in gold.

I remember how I fancied walking along the corridors of justice with some useless wig in my head. That’s right, a damn useless wig if you ask me. It was all in my head, but it’s that clown barrister I indeed wanted to be. Mhh! Nothing could have become further from being fulfilled.

The other option though less attractive had to become an absolute why not. It certainly appeared more practical; mass media practical to me? Ask why not, she will tell you how it has come to dominate every sense I have. If you’ve not thrown some grasp into the bargain yet, I’m in it to stay- I put it.

Of late I have become so obsessed of her. By now my friends may have found a freak in me. I wouldn’t care less anyway, not until she gets it right. She has to get me what I want.

Speaking of what I want, this little damsel in my neighborhood, damn her- she gives me creeps. What a terrible hard nut to crack! But wait, she hasn’t met my buddy yet. It’s just a matter of time before we put her in her place.

By the way, right here in my arms is her place. Yes….ooh! I mean why not?


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