Aug 18, 2011

Gratitude to the Kenyans for Kenya crew

The Kenyans for Kenya campaign has remarkably been heart touching and successful. Although this is not the first time it was happening, this year’s campaign was all inclusive and more strategic that before. It is encouraging to hear that the targeted donation of KSH 1 billion will not just be used for immediate relief but also for more sustainable ways of curbing hunger.

The most exciting thing about this whole campaign was that every Kenyan had and still has a chance of making a difference in somebody’s life. One thing though that should be admired by all is how corporate organizations put aside their competition to raise funds for hunger stricken Kenyans. In fact this time they only competed to save lives albeit in camera.

Kenya Red Cross however deserves the biggest applause for effective coordination of the campaign and distribution of food stuffs. The vigor with which it has continually dedicated itself is something to be emulated by the Kenyan government. It may seem like it’s their duty to do what they do but its not easy considering the difficult circumstances under which they operate.

The government was deservedly put to shame by the private sector but this does not give anybody bragging rights. The blame game does not therefore help, otherwise you don’t give and blame. Instead, everybody should keep urging our government to be awake and more accountable to its people. It should already be harvesting water from the ongoing rains for instance.

Our media should also keep up its good job of spreading the word especially about Kenyans for Kenya. Kenyans may also need to consider people in their immediate neighborhoods who may be suffering from hunger even as they empathize with those hard stricken in arid areas.


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