Aug 31, 2009


Quite often, some men tend to walk out of relationships just when the relationship is getting warmer. This queer behavior is quite baffling in a way which may mistakenly make one think that men have phobia for commitments.

As a matter of fact, these kinds of moves are normally triggered by outlandish disgusting habits manifested by ladies. Some ladies don’t know how to woo men and as a result of this they end up doing the unimaginable.

The most embarrassing thing a lady who has a crash on a man can ever do is to seek assistance from her friends on how to approach the guy. Ladies who do this can of course make the first move perfectly well but spoil it all after a short while. When a man discovers this pretense, he does not hesitate to walk away.

Other ladies think that being sophisticated or being unreal makes things any better. There are those who will want to be seen like they are really on top of things. These will dwarf their men by showing off to them how much they know, who they know and how much they are connected. Some ladies will even straggle to show their men how classy and advanced they are.

It is extremely amazing when a lady pretends as not being able to finish meals when she is out for lunch or dinner with a man. Habits like these scare away men. However this could be the same case with men. Quite often men too find themselves attacked by this malady which to them is worse than it is to ladies. One has nothing to loose by being real. Being real may turn things more perfectly than one can imagine.

By Duke Mwancha

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