Jan 13, 2010


In this civilized globe we exist today, we seem to have succeeded in revolutionizing life as the end in itself. Culture, lifestyle, food, marriage, religion and technology are at an unprecedented class of their own. However, we often forget that unlike culture, lifestyle and technology, love is a short-lived recurrent state of emotion that is ought to help us embrace life as it is so as to be a better people.

The notion that love as we know it today is the beginning and the end to everything in living better is a misconception and the reason many relationships and marriages these days only survive until love emotions go off as naturally expected.

I don’t know many things but I know that love is an emotion just like any other. Without any intention to pontificate, I hereby refuse to be engulfed in the delusion of those who believe that the so called love is an eternal big brother who does not vacate a soul once he enters it.

I scotch a snake today even though there is nothing dangerous I know like a scotched cobra. I know how we so innocently pander to love, the supposed remedy to all misunderstanding in our relationships. I am ready and prepared for consequences coming with touching the holly affectionate devotion which by the way is apparently begetting more ashes than spawning more fires as expected.

The cliché “I love you” essentially means you care about a person affectionately but more so because it is rationally necessary to do so. However I doubt if this makes the much needed sense to majority of us. I am not unmindful that love is terribly the most misused word in the universe. Be it romantic love, family love, or even the love of God. It has always occurred to me that love is ostensibly the opium of the assumed lovers to postpone their troubles. It is an electric blanket of flattery that covers the world in fantasy that majority of us are willingly ready to swim through.

I choose to think of love beyond emotions-over and above what is close to the heart because it is obvious the heart cannot be trusted. How can it be trusted if it is inevitably a dwelling den for love and hatred where they outdo each other. What is more, the heart is vulnerable to other emotions that poison and weaken the affection turning it into cancerous selfishness. You of course know that selfishness can never be food for the heart- be it that of the devil herself. This is essentially because love is naturally divergent, rarely projected for self satisfaction but naturally designed to benefit and warm the hearts of other people.

How then does affection seal the world from its own inhabitants when they pretend to love by dedicating their devotion on actions that are out of any love in this world? Think of the countless incidences in society by which people despicably kill for love, human beings hunting others in the name of love irrespective of whom they hurt. How can I forget those who claim to love God by death and not to death? Delusive unreasonable mass killing believably to protect faith is also love, the holly love of God; dogmatic extremism and societal madness I would say. Cheating spouses cannot escape my attention, those with wild affection that poisons love. Men and women insignificantly human and vilely doggy.

Even for the young minded whom when things don’t work out with their loved ones the way they would wish -love does not exist! They thereby spit out poison spoiling devotion and superstitiously so, spelling confusion. No wonder these days, desperate feminine ones disown love. They opt to live for every cock like hen. Some will only hope to be blown up some day in spirit like Mary the mother of Christ.

I think it is easier now to realize that love needs more than just the heart to thrive. It needs the mind. Just like sympathy, sorrow, joy, happiness and assorts, love must be instigated to resurface when it goes under. There are several ways of enhancing affection when its floating but to rekindle love, two ingredients of the mind are needed; maturity and understanding. The two will keep love straightened when it’s hell-bent to bend for the worst. Maturity comes with respect and belief me; respect is worth its weight in gold. Understanding itself is a silver lined kiln; so then you can incubate your love. I guess you are now scotched, or are you?

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