Jun 8, 2010


Being a demure that I am, I love taking it easy by my house over the weekends. Nothing gives me pleasure than laying my back on my rocking chair facing the moon by the balcony with a glass of red wine as some soft Caribbean classic music hit waves from the background. I often diffuse the air with a delicious tight roll of tobacco leaves as I keep my eyes glued on some monkey business right in front of the balcony.

The chatter sounds from behind the palm and jacaranda trees are irresistible. As obnoxious as they are, monkeys are very interesting to watch. As they swing up and down the branches, one can tell how blissful they are and how much of a roller coaster that is to them. And they get excited when they notice they are being watched, that’s when they jump greater heights and swing more aggressively.

One noticeable thing is how they relate with each other as family and friends. I have more than once confirmed this by the way they gather around in groups before sun set. In their groups, it’s easy to notice that each group is a family. This is further confirmed by their physical appearance of similar distinctive features. The color of their tails and the amount of hair on their necks are some of the uniquely noticeable features.

The elderly monkeys are docile and stupidly so they keep roaming around chasing the little ones trying to have fun. On the contrary, the young ones are extremely energetic. You can’t help but notice how they run up and down trying to tune each other. Little female monkeys that have become of age are the most glamorous. They always stand by their asses at strategic points within the park looking stupid in their efforts to appeal to their male counterparts. That’s how they get to be chased around and interestingly so, they like being chased down stream behind the bamboo canes where they can hardly be noticed.

Male monkeys are inexplicably mischievous. I have seen some two episodes of a notorious monkey being subjected to mob justice apparently for setting foot in another monkey’s territory. That’s quite a trend in the park even though not all cases turn sour as the god forsaken notorious monkey may opt. I have also seen some old ones getting themselves in trouble behind the bamboo canes with little cutties younger by far.

For a while now, I have noticed that monkeys can really dance. Whenever my Indian neighbors turn music loud, you will see monkeys by the perimeter walls bouncing and moving in circles one to another. They don’t leave the spot until the music is turned down and they always leave in protest. I saw them the other day aggressively throwing empty punches in the air and hurling guava and loquat fruits all over. Some dragged their asses over the soil as others climbed up my poor neighbors’ chimney chattering disturbingly until they were dispelled by the smoke.

Some monkeys are smart yet others are lunatics. You can differentiate those that are full of life from those that are lukewarm. Belief me that watching these monkeys on any bright day is like observing what goes down in the conventional society of the more civilized beings. With keen interest, you don’t need science to tell that monkeys are Homo sapiens wannabes.

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