Oct 21, 2011

Let’s honor all our heroes

 Its Mashujaa day again a day we honor our living and fallen heroes and heroines. This country indeed has many national heroes, men and women who have stood out in doing exceptional things for our beloved nation.

 Some have highly been recognized yet some rarely get any spotlight. This year has seen the demise of Prof Wangari Mathai and Wambui Otieno, two great women of courage who defied many odds. They will forever be rembered as our national heroines.

Our athletes, sportsmen, farmers, diplomats and professionals in various fields are all heroes. Who can forget Mau Mau veterans and our great champions of democracy? All our scientists, environmentalists and humanitarians deserve our honors too.

People that were genuinely involved in feeding hungry Kenyans this year are heroes. One of them that particularly stood out is Rose Nasimiyu. Despite her struggle with cancer, she has continually inspired people in a way that is beyond imagination for a girl of her age. With her courage, there is no doubt that Nasimiyu is a victor and a great heroine of our time.

The spirit of our fallen heroes lives on even as we celebrate this day. We should make it our culture to honor our heroes not just when they get recognized by the international community.


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